Leading The Way
In Sustainable Solutions

Amoun has ESG policy, committee & improvement plan to review Environmental, Social & Governance aspects on regular bases.

Concern for Society, Environment & Energy Saving

Working with a sense of responsibility in our contribution to our society and environment defines our existence.
It entails making a difference in the quality of lives and the environment surrounding us on both a collective as well as individual basis.

Completed Projects:

Zone Rationalization, through HVAC / BMS management to meet EDA / WHO guidelines with minimum energy consumption.

General Lighting Optimization through LED implementation, motion sensor concept and full shutdown concept.
New CAPEX Conceptually implement invertor technology.
State of the Art machinery & Equipment

ISO Certificates

ISO 45001

Amoun considers occupational health and safety as one of its top priorities. Amoun is a certified ISO 45001 "Occupational Health and Safety"

ISO 50001

Amoun has an energy saving team since 2021 to improve its consumptions with appropriate measurements. Amoun is a certified ISO 50001 "Energy Management System"

Energy Saving Program

Examples of the already completed projects

LED Lighting

HVAC optimization

Solar Water heaters

HVAC Rationalization

These initiatives saved around 10% of our Annual electrical consumptions.
Amoun has a long term program with projects list to reduce its consumptions and its related emissions.