Hypertension is one of the most common adult problems and the goal of antihypertensive therapy is not just to normalize blood pressure but to prevent cardiovascular complications of hypertension such as heart failure, stroke, end-stage renal disease, and death. Hypertension continues to represent a major public health concern throughout the world.

Hypertension has a direct relationship to coronary artery disease (CAD). High blood pressure causes the deterioration of arteries within the human body, this is known as a silent killer because an individual typically does not feel any pain from artery decay until it is too late.

Most doctors recommend all adults have annual blood pressure checks. this is a preventive measure designed to catch the early onset of hypertension.

Studies show that people can control hypertension better with healthy eating habits, physical activity, refraining from smoking, excessive alcohol drinking and stress are the best prescriptions for hypertension and heart disease victims.