People have always been the strength of AMOUN and are the reason behind its continued success.

AMOUN believes that quality products are a result of quality people. We ensure  Fair Treatment & Equal Opportunity processes to all employees.

Hence our HR strategy is to carefully select quality people , train & empower them , motivate & recognize them. This is done by adopting the most relevant and effective tools  in Recruitment & Selection, delivering the proper Training and Development tracks On Job Training  as well as for Career Development) on the Job Training for newly hired as well as newly appointed employees.

Managing for Maximum Performance (MMP)

Performance Management includes activities that ensure goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. It is a process that requires managers to define, facilitate and encourage performance by providing timely feedback and continuous attention on the ultimate objectives. Performance management requires willingness and a commitment to focus on improving performance at both the team and individual level every day.

Our appraisal system is about challenging your limits and to beat your own expectations. We aim to create an empowering environment for you to be at your best and help you to inspire yourself!

  • Annual employee Development Plan based on Performance Evaluation. Either by enrolling employees into regular training sessions or engaging them in company projects or assignments or helping them in getting higher certificates and diplomas. We also train our people on the latest about Hygiene practices, health & safety & GMP.

  • Motivation, encouraging creativity and exceptional ideas by praising , recognizing  & celebrating successful trials and solved problems.

  • Using our internal resources capabilities  for employees Career Development  & Promotion while applying the same rules of Equal Opportunity and Selection.

  • We care about the Health & welfare of our employees by providing a competitive Medical Coverage , Catering & Transportation  services. we train people on the latest about Hygiene practices, Health & Safety , GMP to be always up to date.

  • Driven by our Corporate Social Responsibility we train students in summer internships in our labs , factories and other several  functions.