Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an attractive culture and working environment?

Our culture is based on our values based on respect and diversity. We offer a healthy working environment based on a fact that our turnover ratio is less than1%.

We believe in our people and believe that we should compensate talents by different ways.

We support our employees' ongoing learning, growth, and development so they can reach their full potential.

As well as job rotation and cross functional programs. We also offer external training certificates and courses. 

We provide a range of benefits to assist you in meeting your needs, including saving plans, life insurance, medical coverage, loans, and complimentary Amoun products.

We believe in continuous improvement by rotating into different departments enabling you to develop and gain new experiences.

Yes, the recruitment team at our company will automatically place your CV in another position that best suits you.

As one of our values is transparency, we will give feedback whether by acceptance or apology.