A National Company with International Standards

Amoun Pharmaceutical Company S.A.E. (“Amoun”) is an Egyptian “closed” Joint-Stock Company established in 1998 under the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt, with a fully paid-up capital of 1.4 billion Egyptian Pounds. Amoun’s main business includes development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and export of a wide range of human pharmaceutical and animal health products.

Amoun maintains a robust product portfolio that offers a wide range of much needed pharmaceutical therapies and treatments. With a strong product pipeline strategy, Amoun currently has more than 30 new product at various stages of registration that were carefully selected in order to address many un-met therapeutic needs, such as high prevalence diseases and other diseases of high national interest. Amoun’s product portfolio and product pipeline will endure further expansions for many years to come and will continue to play a major role in driving growth and in increasing shareholders’ value.

In 2006 Amoun was acquired by a consortium of international investors (CVCI Private Equity fund “acquired by Rohatyn Group”., Capital International Private Equity L.P. and Concord International) and despite the political turmoil in the region during the past few years, Amoun Pharmaceutical Company not only continued to operate but also expanded, “expected to reach EGP 1.75 billion by 2015 in sales at a 4 years compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21%”, this resilience is due to the implementation of vigorous policies, business strategies and the adoption of international standards in every facet of the Company’s business. Amoun Pharmaceutical Company currently rank 1st amongst domestic companies and 3rd, overall [ref. IMS, 2014 audited sales].

As one of the leading drug makers in Egypt, Amoun conducts its commercial operations through five commercial branches spread out through the country and currently operates a large, modern plant in “El-Obour City”, a suburb near Cairo. Amoun’s state-of-the-art factory – designed by an American architectural firm – is considered to be one of the largest and most up-to-date pharmaceutical facilities in Africa and the Middle East.

Amoun’s growth and expansion is due to the vision, determination and market know-how of its leadership, management and staff. Led by Dr. Mohamed Roushdy a 30 + years of experience in multinational and local pharmaceutical organizations. Dr. Roushdy took over the helm of Amoun as Chairman and CEO in December of 2012 and hence introduced the Company’s new vision and mission of becoming the “Partner of Choice” for innovators, multinationals, regulators and the surrounding communities. With the Company’s leadership team well vested knowledge of the Middle Eastern and African markets, hands on knowledge of all aspects of the pharmaceutical business and Amoun’s well-established infrastructure; Amoun certainly speaks the language of innovators and of multinationals, and therefore, has earned its credibility among local and regional regulators as well as all stakeholders.


The roots of Amoun’s success over the years are founded in its responsible growth and its investment in the development of its people in order to maximize shareholders’ value and to sustain long-term growth. Amoun’s achievement has always been to grow organically, do the right things and do things right. Investing in people and communities and in state of the art science, are the pillars of Amoun’s strategy. Therefore, Amoun offers high level training and mentoring opportunities and will always work diligently in order to maximize talent to reach its full potential..

Our Vision

We are in the business of improving healthcare and patient quality of life.

We are all committed to this noble task.

Building on our traditions, we will continue to provide quality healthcare products and services. Progress in this endeavor will be the key measure to our success.

Our Mission

By 2016

  • The Premier Pharmaceutical Company in Egypt.
  • The Employer of CHOICE.
  • The Partner of CHOICE.