We take great pride in the reputation of our Company. Its brand has been built over the years by Good Ethical Business Conduct and Practices. Our status in the community has symbolic value with business advantage based on our main values of Quality

It Is Essential to Amoun’s Reputation and Success That Every Employee Upholds High Values and Ethics.

Employee conduct is governed by Company policies, which encompass both ethical and legal mandates. We guarantee that all our business is carried out in a way that complies with the following principles:

  • Provide safe working conditions for our employees and contractors.

  • Encourage the efficient use of natural resources and promote the protection of the working environment.

  • Treat all employees fairly in terms of recruitment, progression, remuneration and work conditions, irrespective of gender, race, color, language, disability, political opinion, age, religion or national/social origin.

  • Allow consultative work-place structures and association that provides employees with an opportunity to present their points of view to management.

  • Take account of the impact of its operations on the local community and seeks to ensure that potentially harmful occupational health and safety, environmental and social effects are properly assessed, addressed and monitored.

  • Uphold high standards of conducting business with integrity and honesty.

  • Operate in accordance with local laws and international good practice guidelines including those intended to fight extortion, bribery and financial crime.